Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Anatomically Correct Sex Tips for BBWs

Are you a big beautiful woman who is looking to start a sexual relationship with a worthy knight?  If so (and if it’s been a while) then brush up on your sexual etiquette.  Just because you are plus-size doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy hard-hitting rough sex just like any other woman.  However, you may want to take some notes on how to do it right.

1.Get naked and stop worrying about how you look.
A woman cannot fully enjoy herself if she is self-conscious.  So don’t try to “hide” your body.  Make sure you’re with a man who admires your curves and belly and jiggles and go with it.  Be naked in front of him and let him soak in your beauty.  Let him reassure you and tell you how awesome you are.  This is the best way to build trust and have more intense sex.

2. Make oral sex a little more tasty.
Oral sex shouldn’t be the “End” but it’s an important part of foreplay.  In order to make both of your genitals tastier and thus encourage much more oral action, use something sweet like cool whip, honey or chocolate to provide extra encouragement.

3.Use more sex toys.
Men with erectile problems (especially if they are BBM themselves) may have problems keeping a full erection long enough for penetration.  You may also not “feel” him if he is average length.  Therefore, penis extenders or even c-rings may help in filling you up for deeper penetration.

4.Use a pillow under your butt. 
This is always a good idea for most positions but especially in missionary, when he holds your ankles over his shoulders.  Without a firm pillow under you, a large bosom may actually suffocate you.  A pillow raises your body, thus allowing a temporary lift of breasts and even your belly for deeper penetration.

5.Change positions often.
This isn’t just for the men, so they can last longer, but is also a good idea for both of you so that you don’t wear yourselves out thrusting or riding in the same position.  If you have a larger frame than your partner, then opt for more equal footing positions like side by side, ankles over shoulders, missionary, doggy style, and the like.  If he has trouble breathing or says the full weight hurts, try leaning back.  Grab his ankles for support and then tilt your body back.  It puts less weight on him and gives him a great show.

6.Stand on your toes or get heels.
One common problem with BBW sex is that the woman’s vagina may be out of reach for her partner’s penis and lower under the body than he can reach.  This is easily solved by elevating her height slightly.  When she is taller, a man of average size will be able to find her more easily.

Whether you are a white BBW or a black BBW seeking an interracial relationship, you can always find a compatible partner if you know where to look.  If the bar scene isn’t working out, or if free BBWs sites are disappointing turn your attention to a commercial online site that only matches BBWs and their admirers, as well as interracial relationships.  Cut out all the flakes, haters and liars and find your perfect match.  And now you know just how to ignite your bedroom fire!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Five steps for women to find dating partner on plus sized dating sites

Are you a plus size woman who is wondering about the best possible way to get a dating partner who will respect your emotions? Dating has certainly become one of the common activities among various people in different parts of the world. Below are discussed some of the vital tips that will help plus sized women to find their dream dating partner in a smart way with just the click of the mouse.

1.Search for the plus size dating sites
This is certainly the first important point that a plus size woman must consider while finding her dream dating partner. There are various reputed dating sites like BBW Cupid, BBW Personals Plus, Large Friends, BBW Date Finder that help plus sized women to find men who have similar personality and body type.

2.Register with the reputed dating sites
After being aware about the various dating sites, it will certainly be wise for you to get registered with one of the reliable and reputed plus sized dating sites. You will be asked to share necessary details like name, country and date of birth while registering.

3.Check out various profiles
The next important step is to choose a specific profile of your choice. You can go through various profiles and thereby start initiating contact with one of them. In order to get best results, it will certainly be wise for you to contact with more than one member at a time.

4.Make sure to be proud of being plus sized
While having a conversation, it will be wise for you to be honest and thereby portray yourself in a true manner. Make sure to post a photograph that truly highlights your bodily structure. By being honest, it will be easier for you to find your dream dating partner who will respect your feelings.

5.Confess your expectations
This is also one of the major BBW dating tips that must be considered in order to find a dating partner. You should confess your expectations while having a conversation with your dating partner. This will help you to analyze whether it will be easier for you to continue the relationship on a long run basis.

6.Learn to respect each other
While dating with your dream partner, it will be wise for you to respect each other in all aspect. You must always try to be realistic in order to find your dream dating partner.

While searching for a partner on plus sized dating sites, make sure not to get disheartened after being rejected. You should go on trying to get a caring partner who will love and even respect you.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Ways On Catching The Attention Of A Fat Woman On BBW Dating Sites

When we talk about dating, it does not necessarily mean that a hot guy only match with a sexy woman as well. Online dating is applicable for young and old, fat and thin, rich and poor, and other combination. Sometimes, it is better to find someone who is quite different from your personality and characteristics. Individual differences are actually great tools for measuring the intensity of couple’s love for each other.

Do you find fat women attractive? Do you admire them despite of their large size?

Here are effective ways on how to win a BBW’s heart on dating sites:

1.Don’t emphasize the woman’s weight during conversations.
It is ordinary for large women to be conscious about their size. They are not comfortable whenever the topic goes to weight. Instead of highlighting a woman’s size, it is better to ask about other things like hobbies and interests. As you have regular conversations, you might discover that you have something in common. There are lots of topics to talk about aside from merely discussing weight. As a gentleman, you must always choose your words.

2.Be sensitive on what a chubby woman might feel.
When dating a woman, it is important to give importance to her feelings. Compared to men, women are easily affected by criticisms and negative comments. Whatever you learned about the woman you admire, you must always be careful. It will greatly help if you put yourself in the situation of other people. Undoubtedly, you want to be treated properly by others.

3.Be yourself.
Winning the approval of the plus-sized woman doesn’t require you to overwhelm her with sweet words which are not sincerely meant. Being sarcastic will give you a bad impression. Fat women are used into different treatment so it will be highly appreciated if you will just express yourself.

4.RESPECT is the key.
 Just like how you treat your mother and sister, respect must be highly evident when you communicate with plus size women on BBW dating sites.

The attraction you feel for a fat woman must make you feel happy. It is just a misconception that only few men like a plus-sized woman. Actually, you are one of the fortunate ones. Instead of thinking about what your friends might say, it is better to focus with your own happiness. Dating a BBW must keep you humble.

6.Be a good listener.
 When a woman willingly shares her experiences about how she gets into that size, you must find time to listen. This will let her feel that she matters to you. She might have deeper reasons why she chose to be in that size. Stressful experiences in the past are possible reasons.

Being a fat admirer is really a good thing. At first, you might find it hard to convince a woman about your sincere intentions. As your relationship becomes intimate, the BBW’s confidence to express the real them will just be developed. When you love a person, you don’t actually look at her physical attributes, but of the delight you feel when you talk with her.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Tell your partner how you feel.

We should face it. Big beautiful women are often admired for their voluptuous physical attributes, but most of  men who adored us only for our looks, but don't see beyond the DD's and curves to the inner workings of our minds and souls...

While it's nice to be loved because we're plus size, it hurts when you are loved only for your size. Many men/women have the idea that we are easy pickings because we ARE larger than the average person, so therefore we have low esteem and will take the first offer given, no matter crass or low they may turn out to be.

Each of us have our standards of how we wish to be treated. If you consider yourself a lady or gentleman, no matter what your size, then you should settle for nothing less than being treated like a lady or gentleman you are...

If your prospect doesn't treat you that way, tell them how you feel. If they continue to disrespect you and your values, then the best thing is to eliminate the problem by terminating the relationship with them until they can understand and treat you with quality and understanding and realize you are a beautiful person on the INSIDE as well as the outside...

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Sunday, May 31, 2015

BBW Dating tips: When is the best time to meet the one offline?

Well, you can never be to careful.

So after long talks and you feel you have had a chance to get to know the other person, remember you still don't really know them yet. It normally takes six months to really know how a person is and that's face to face.

So if you are going to meet up with someone from a BBW dating site, you should do so in a public place and with a friend. Remember if the person really likes you, they should have no problems with this policy.

After you meet their friends or family and you feel at ease, then it might be OK to go it alone.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Photo tips - How to protect your privacy on BBW dating sites

As a former Law Enforcement Official, I like to share some tips on posting certain types of photographs. Never show the license plate of your car even if you have it registered to a postal mail box. Your still placing your privacy at risk and could open the door to other problems like: Identity theft, Stalking, Harassment just to name a few.

Another concern is the growing trend of posting children's pictures on social or BBW dating websites. Look we all love our children and do wish to showcase our family and the sense of a balanced life. But you also maybe exposing your children safety and innocence to child predators. Don't be native of this concern. Just recently a child was kidnapped in a public mail in Colorado.

This dating site has taken the steps to ensure your safety and enjoyment on it's website. But as a member if you see something that's simply does not look right. Let the customer service know immediately.

Also, Be cautious of posting pictures of your children online. Some people can get infatuated with you and your kids and save your pictures on their page or save them. It may not bother that they have your picture but pictures of your kids can become an issue.